Find the best hearing aid options for you.

Find the best hearing aid options for you.

Behind-the-Ear [BTE]

Behind-the-Ear hearing aids have the most circuitry options and typically have more power than any of the custom-made, in-the-ear versions. BTEs rest on the back of your ear, and are connected via a custom made ear mold. They are suitable for a wide variety of hearing losses, from mild to severe or profound.

Open-Behind-the-Ear [RIC]

Different from BTEs, RICs use tiny casings and a nearly invisible, slim tube. RICs offer a cosmetically appealing option and allows for a more natural sound. They are light weight with a transparent dome that makes them less noticeable than the regular BTEs with custom ear molds.

In-the-Ear [ITE]

In-the-Ear hearing aids are more visible but are the easiest to handle of the custom-made aids. They are made to fit the shape of your ear for maximum benefit and the best possible comfort. These also suit a wide range of hearing losses.

In-the-Canal [ITC]

In-the-Canal hearing aids are slightly less visible than ITEs. ITCs require good dexterity to control the volume and other controls on the faceplate.

Completely-in-Canal [CIC]

Completely-in-canal hearing aids are one of the more cosmetically appealing custom-made aids. CICs are small and fit deeply, but comfortably, in the ear canal.

In-the-Ear Hearing Aid

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