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Assistive Listening Devices Enhance Your Sound Sense

Mid-Valley Hearing Center Offers Amplification with Bluetooth Devices

You can enhance your sense of sound with assistive listening devices from Mid Valley Hearing Center. Everyone deserves the best care for his or her hearing to ensure effective use of this key body sense and to help with effective communication and language processing. It makes sound sense to have an assistive device at times because you may have certain communication needs that cannot be solved by the use of hearing aids alone.

Many social interactions are more rewarding when you have confidence in which effective hearing is a vital part. These situations may involve the use of the telephone, radio, television, and the inability to hear the door chime, telephone bell, and alarm clock. Assistive listening devices make sounds louder and provide for greater ease of access and understanding.

These devices integrate the world of sound we encounter in daily life. Assistive devices can increase the loudness of a desired sound (such as a radio or television, a public speaker, an actor, or someone talking in a noisy place) without interference from background noises. This works because the transmitter of the assistive listening device is placed close to the speaker, which streams the sound directly to the hearing aids.

Types of Assistive Listening Bluetooth Devices

As with our selection of hearing aids, there are a number of options when it comes to the way assistive listening may be applied to suit your lifestyle.

Multi-Media Remotes

Remote control enabled bluetooth connectivity of hearing aids to cell phones, televisions, FM receivers, and MP3 players.

Amplified Telephone

These may be suitable when extra amplification is needed. May include large numbers and the ability to change the pitch of the ringer.

Portable Telephone Amplifier

Small and lightweight and can be used with any phone.

Infrared TV Amplifier

These are used to increase the sound from a television without any cords or wires.

Personal Amplifier

This is a personal listening device for use with televisions or during one-to-one conversations. It resembles a small radio with a headset and cord.

Amplified Alarm Clock

This provides a loud alarm for use with hearing loss or for deep sleepers who find they do not awaken easily with a regular alarm clock. Amplified alarm clocks may also be used with a flashing lamp or a pillow shaker.

Amplified Stethoscope

These are designed for those with hearing loss who need to use a stethoscope.

Assistive Listening Devices

In addition to the variety of hearing aids available, our audiologists remain current on the latest technology that may be used in combination to help you hear better and enjoy your hearing with greater ease. This includes accessories and assistive listening devices for use with products like MP3 players and cell phones, providing a clear interference-free hearing experience.

Hearing Protection and Swim Molds

Our professional staff is able to review your needs to protect your precious hearing. You may have concerns about certain environments, operating noisy equipment, or repeated exposure to water. Whenever you are in a prolonged situation that requires protection, we have the answer with hearing protection and swim plugs made in a variety of styles and colors, to meet all of your needs. A few examples of noise protection include:

Acoustic Filter Plugs • Electronic Amplified Ear Muffs • Musician’s Earplugs

Remember to speak with your audiologist about your hearing healthcare concerns!

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Mid-Valley Hearing Center has ways to amplify sound with assistive listening devices.